Purple & Green EP

by Jacob Sciacchitano

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A few songs I'm really excited about! Enjoy with your friends and download for FREE!


released May 25, 2014

All instruments, lyrics, & vocals - Jacob Sciacchitano
Recording/Mastering for "Mr. Hypocrisy" and "Mountains" - Tal Tomko



all rights reserved


Jacob Sciacchitano Detroit, Michigan

I was born and raised in the Mitten
I love Jesus
I love my wife
I love the snow
and I love music



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Track Name: Start Again
Are you writing just to call yourself a writer?
Are you singing just to get someone to hear
Are you scrambling to cover up all of your failure
So everyone thinks you have no fear

Are you wasting all your time in distractions
Where everyone else, they tend to be?
Or are you someone who'll stop playing the game
Since nobody plays on the same team?

Are you finding yourself feeling empty?
Feeling young and already full of regret?
The memories you've made while "living life this way"
You would rather try to forget

So don't sing because everyone likes it
Don't write if the crowd, they hold your pen
Remember to find your purpose in this life
Even if it means starting again

Even if it means starting again
Maybe today you're starting again
Track Name: Biplanes
You used to run
You used to play
It's all for fun
You would say
But biplanes fly away into the sky
They fly away, fly away
I'll never know
I'll never see
The kind of man
You would be
But biplanes fly away into the sky
They fly away, fly away
Biplanes remind me of your life
Just like dinosaurs and other things you liked
But you will never leave my memory
Because of what you have done for me
I'll always miss what you were like
When I am old I'll learn to fly
A biplane and I'll fly away into the sky
Fly away, fly away
Track Name: Mountains
I am just a man filled with good intention
Just a simple wound needing your attention
This flesh has plans that I don't know
And nothing seems right

I run to the mountain, across the icy sea
Where my help comes from, You rescue me

I am just a ship needing your direction
And as I sail away, I'm swimming in redemption
Caught by what it means and it feels so right

I run to the mountain, across the icy sea
Where my help comes from, You rescue me

I found hope, hope
You rescue me
Track Name: Mr. Hypocrisy
Another fix, one more time
Another chance to say "I'm not the man I should be"
One more dime, another penny to tell you
"Luck is for the lucky and love is for the lovely"

Listen to me Hypocrisy, I'll tell you truth when it is fiction
I am Mr. Contradiction, I must deny
I can't delay, when the truth is there is nothing I could say or do
To convince you, Mr. Hypocrisy

One more crush, I'm so jaded
The silver lining that protected me has faded
Heartbreak, these demons fight inside my feeble mind
As I try to hide the way I feel

So take this wooden plank and remove it from my eye
Cause I don't want another story, I don't want another lie
Track Name: We Won't Survive
It's a one sided love song
A one way street
Uneven relationship
Can't stand on my feet
Everything's changing
The ground is alive
It's moving too fast for
Our hearts to survive, no we won't survive

You can't say that you're the one who tried
When I've called on you so many times
Just waiting for a message Or a line
I can't pretend like everything is fine

Stay in my heart
I've had so many breaks in my heart

Just when I thought you might show up for me
I realized you had forgotten me
The memory is fading, the lights are growing dim
It feels like I am losing you all over again

You're making excuses, don't tell me why
I can see the truth inside your every lie
Call for a rescue, send me a sign
This is my downfall, this is my life